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Candle Safety

Please follow the advice below when using candles/tealights/wax melts:


  • Always put candles on a heat resistant surface and on a level. Candles may get hot enough to melt plastic, especially with tea lights.

  • Keep candles out of reach from children and pets.

  • Keep candles away from drafts, curtains, clothes and hair.

  • Keep candles, wax and oil burners away from heat sources and flammable objects.

  • Keep candles at least 10cm apart from one another when burning two or more.

  • Put out candle safely before moving.

  • Use a spoon or snuffer when putting out a candle. Blowing can cause wax flying and sparks.

  • Make sure candles are put out completely.

  • When using wax and oil burners, dispose of the tealight when finished.

  • If the candle isn’t burning properly. Cool, trim the wick, check for drafts before relighting.



  • Don't put candles under shelves or any other surfaces.

  • Don't leave candles unattended. Put candles out before leaving a room.

  • Never go to sleep with a candle burning.

  • Never leave candles or oil burners or wax burners burning in a child's bedroom.

  • Don't move a candle when they're burning.

  • Don't let anything fall into the wax such as match sticks.

  • All this applies to using Wax/ or Oil Burners/Warmers.

  • Never extinguish candles with water.